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Welcome to Nice Loan Canada (NiceLoan.ca). We are a team of Canada Mortgage Brokers and Agents dedicated to helping you achieve your financial dreams. If you have been spending your precious time searching the internet for the best mortgage rates, best ways to refinance your mortgage and consolidate debt or for a private mortgage to pay off debts, stop foreclosure, get the Canada Revenue Agency off your back, bank alternative mortgages or any other difficult mortgage financing, you have finally found the right place. Congratulations!


We Are Solution Oriented – Each Customer is Unique – We Find Unique Solutions!

We are Mortgage Financing specialists who can help when it comes to hard to place mortgages or fast mortgage refinancing, alternative and private mortgages and second mortgages. We also help you get the best mortgage rates on the mortgages for your particular situation. This is what we love to do.

Let our Institutional, Alternative and Private Mortgage Lenders solve your financing problems…FAST!

In this website you will discover:

  • How to ensure quick approval for your financing
  • How to qualify for easy and comfortable monthly payments
  • How to avoid Power of Sale or Foreclosure
  • How to Use Home Equity to pay Consumer Proposals or Avoid Bankruptcy
  • How to get the required financing you need and deserve
  • How to quickly lower your monthly payments by 50% or more
  • Which mortgage products you qualify for or best suite your needs
  • How to Get a Free Credit Assessment
  • How to Qualify for the Best Mortgage Interest Rate
  • How to Quickly Improve your Credit Rating and Credit Score
  • How to Get a Free Home Appraisal
  • How to Pay Your Mortgage off 50% Faster without Changing Your Current Budget
  • And much more!

Everyday we help homeowners pay off debt, increase cash flow, stop foreclosure or power of sale, get the best mortgage interest rates, pay off their mortgage faster and rebuild creditLet Us Help You Too!

  • Negotiate Best Mortgage Rates on Institutional, Alternative & Private Mortgages
  • Self Employed, Commissioned, New Immigrant, Non Resident, No Provable Income, Bad or No Credit and other difficult mortgages.
  • CMHC, Genworth, Canada Guarantee rejects – Self Insured Solutions available
  • Purchase Assist Program to 90% of the property value
  • Consolidate Debt
  • Renovate Your Home
  • Pay a Consumer Proposal
  • Pay Mortgage or Tax Arrears
  • Purchase Investments including Real Estate
  • Purchase a car (Auto Loan
  • Bridge Financing
  • Pay for Wedding Expenses
  • Pay for Education
  • Cover Medical Expenses
  • Finance Whatever benefits you

Want to be like Marge and Joe … they paid off over $30,000 in debt, got $20,000 for home renovations, and now keep extra $2,200 in their pocket every month and are on track to pay of their mortgage 7 years faster with our help!

We are here to serve you and answer any questions you may have. We specialize in tough mortgage financing.

Remember …… “Advice Matters……and it’s FREE!”

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We are helping Homebuyers and Homeowners every day.

Here is a sample list of some of the Canadian Mortgage Lenders we work with every year…

B2B Bank ICICI Bank Capital Direct Lending Freedom Lending 
Canadian Financial Lendwise Capital  Optimum Mortgage Money Gate Corp. 
CMLS Financial MCAP Financial  Effort Trust Mercury Mortgages 
Dominion Lending Centres Merix Financial  First Swiss Mortgage Corp. Maple Investments 
Equitable Bank National Bank Save Capital Ontario Mortgage Corp. 
Entrust Financial TD Canada Trust JW Capital  Brookstreet
Equity Bank Scotia Bank  VWR Capital Harbour Financial 
First National Financial RMG Capital  Ontario Mortgage Corp Capital Connections 
Home Trust  Meridian CU  Tribecca Finance  Ginko MIC
Industrial Alliance Xceed Financial  CMI Mortgages.  New Haven Mortgage Corp.

With so many lenders, how do you know which lender has the right mortgage for you? Lucky for you, all you need to do is complete the simple form to your right and we will provide you with their very best mortgage at their very best rates. No guess work!

We work with 4 different kinds of lenders to ensure we have solutions for you.

  • Institutional Lenders who offer mortgage products at discounted mortgage rates.
  • Alt A & B Lenders that specialize in alternative mortgage lending solutions for people with less than perfect credit… or unique situation like mortgages for self-employed individuals who simply can’t prove income.
  • Private Mortgage Lender products for difficult situations including, CRA back taxesforeclosure help and other difficult financing situations!

Whatever Your Situation…We Have The Solutions

We understand that it is frustrating, when you go to your bank that you have been a faithful customer to for many years, believing that loyalty is worth something, only to be disappointed. Then you go off to the next bank and once gain disappointment. Then you go from one inexperienced broker to the next all the time not knowing that you are hurting your credit score.


You need to know that MULTIPLE loan requests DECREASE your chances of approval at discounted rates because each inquiry to your credit file IS affecting your credit score. Plus… you may look like unwanted credit seeker which is the LAST thing you may need right now!

BEFORE you Apply for your Mortgage.

Before applying for a mortgage, it is strongly recommended you obtain your own credit report with a credit score.

What is a Beacon Score?

A beacon score (Sometimes referred to as a FICO score) is a rating issued by Credit Reporting agencies for the purpose of determining what your credit worthiness is. Beacon scores can range from 350 (poor) to 850 (best). The average Canadian adult over 30 has a beacon score of 680. Banks lend based on this score. The better the score the better the term and rate you will receive. A mortgage agent can assist you in determining where you fit with the lenders as well as guide you in improving your beacon score.

What Drives a Beacon Score?

The payment history you’ve established only accounts for about 1/3 of the actual Beacon score. Balances owing are a huge factor in the overall credit report. And, the longer you have had a credit history will increase your score.

But watch out, credit card accounts where the balances are at or above the credit limit will dramatically hurt your Beacon score.

What you get and what not is based on your credit score and rating which is produced by Equifax or TransUnion. Your credit score is also referred to as FICO score as the formulas behind your score were created by Fair Isaac and Company (FICO). Their are many credit score formulas, not just FICO. Each credit reporting agency or lender may have there own formula. The credit score is used by most lenders to calculate whether you are a good credit risk or not. The score ranges between 350 and 850. This score is calculated based on the following:

  • Past payment history – constitutes 35% of your score. That includes bankruptcies, late payments, past due account and wage attachments.
  • The amount you owe – on accounts including proportion of balances to total credit limits constitutes 30%. Balances close to or over their limit means you are less worthy of credit.
  • Credit duration – i.e. Length of time your credit is established, time since accounts opened and time since account activity constitutes 15%. More duration means more credit worthiness.
  • Search for credit – i.e. A number of recent credit inquiries and number of recently opened accounts is at 10%. More you search for credit, less you will get approved.
  • Type of credit – established also constitutes 10%.

So keeping this in mind, and we advise you to strictly adhere to following:

  • Pay your bills on time
  • Keep balances on your credit cards low. Below 30% of your limit.
  • Apply for or open new credit accounts only if required. Don’t shop for credit.
  • Pay off your debt instead of moving it from one account to the other.
  • Make sure the information you have on your credit report is correct. It won’t affect your score to request and correct your credit report. Even if you have legitimate negative items on your credit report, you may add a narration (explanation) directly to the report. (Eg. Ill family member and had to quit work to care for them).

We can go over your credit report with you and explain what you see and help you fix any issues. Just Call or Email.

For more on maintaining and improving your credit score, go see my 10 Most Effective Ways to Improve Your Score

When shopping for a mortgage, you should use a Canada mortgage agent to shop for you. Besides getting free unbiased advice, a Canada mortgage agent only uses one report to speak to all lenders on your behalf. If you go from bank to bank … each bank pulling a credit report … will, over time, adversely affect your Beacon Score. This is something that you should avoid and can avoid by using a Canada mortgage agent. Protecting your Beacon score is very important.

Keeping all this in mind you probably have understood the need for consulting your credit. If you are considering any large ticket purchase in the near future, do yourself a favor and get a copy of your credit report with score. Doing this early allows you time repair any damage to your report.

There are two credit reporting agencies in Canada so you will want to review your report from each of them.


Note: By Law – Both Credit Rating Agencies have to give you one Free copy of your credit report per year if requested.. This report, however, will not include your score. You may add your score for a small fee. Look for the links to your Free report.


Because your credit report is updated every day, your score is recalculated continuously and therefore your credit score from a month ago is probably NOT the same score today



Simply the most effective way for any homeowner to eliminate debt and save money over the long term is to access the equity within their home. Not only is it the most cost effective way, but it can have a significant positive impact on your monthly cash flow.

Example: If you have a home worth $300,000 and a mortgage balance of$200,000 then your home equity is $100,000.

You could use some of this home equity $100,000 to payoff high interest credit cards or loans, giving you peace of mind and lower monthly payments.

Let’s say you have $30,000 personal loan,a $9,000 line of credit, and two credit cards, one with a balance of $6,000 and the other $11,000 and the monthly payments for all these credit lines is $1,554. That’s $1,554 per month towards servicing debt. Not paying it down. Just making your minimum payments. That’s $1,554 month after month after month when you could be paying $1,600 per month. That $1,600 is your new mortgage payment. You no longer have those other debts. See the chart for how this looks.

Before Consolidation After Consolidation
Home Value $330,000 Home Value $330,000
Outstanding Mortgage $200,000 Outstanding Mortgage $256,000
Interest Rate 6.40% Interest Rate* 5.75%
Debt Payments Pre-Consolidation Debt Payments Post Consolidation
Mortgage $200,000 $1,469 Mortgage $256,000 $1,600.05
Loan $30,000 $594 Loan $0 $0
Line of Credit $9,000 $450 Line of Credit $0 $0
Credit Card #1 $6,000  $180 Credit Card #1 $0 $0
Credit Card #2 $11,000  $330 Credit Card #2 $0 $0
Total Monthly Payments $256,000 $3,023 Total Monthly Payments   $1,600.05
  Monthly Savings $1,422.95

*Example is based on a 5 year fixed rate mortgage amortized over 25 years. The above example is for illustration purpose only and should not be relied upon. Contact us for analysis of your unique situation.

How would an extra $1,422.95 in your pocket every month affect your lifestyle? That’s like having an extra $17,000 in your pocket every year. For most of us that is a significant savings. I’m sure you can think of many positive ways to use those funds. Such as starting your emergency fund, paying down your mortgage, take a vacation, summer camps for the kids or anything that is important for you and your family.

When you contact us for a debt consolidation mortgage, we will assess your situation and present to you some options and you choose the option that best works for you and your family These options may be through a Home Equity Line of Credit, a Mortgage Refinance, a Second Mortgage, or Debt Elimination Strategy.

Debt_Rat_Race consolidate high interest debt


If you are ready to take advantage of our mortgage services, all you have to day to get started is:

  1. Complete the simple form in the right hand column. This for collects minimal information and does not request any personal information. We will respond within 4 hours. Please use the text box to tell us more about your needs. Service won’t be as efficient, but your privacy is secure.
  2. Complete Our Secure Online Application. The most efficient way to get started. This form asks for much more information and will provide us the necessary information to give you answer quickly. We will respond within 4 hours.
  3. Complete via editable .PDF Form. This form will download to your computer. Find it, open it and complete the form. You can complete it right there on your screen. When your done, print it and fax it to: 1-416-443-8619. Our response time to a faxed application may be a little longer, but we make every effort to respond the same day.

If you are unable to fax the report, you can mail it to:

Matthew S Hines
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Toronto, Ontario M3C 0H5

When taking advantage of our professional services, remember there are:

  • No Application Fees
  • No Upfront Payments
  • No Office Visits
  • No Initial Credit Checks
  • No Obligation
  • No Bull Spit!

Our services are without obligation. If you are not happy, or satisfied with our services you can walk away at anytime. 


Matthew S Hines
Mortgage Agent, License #M09000211

Office: 416-445-4101
Direct: 416-908-2070

You can verify the license of any Ontario Mortgage Broker or Agent with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario. (http://www.fsco.gov.on.ca/en/mortgage/Pages/default.aspx)

About Matthew S Hines

Matthew S Hines of Dominion Lending Centres Edge Financial, M. Hines Mortgages is Mortgage Agent and Equity Management Expert. He has been helping mortgage customers in the Greater Toronto Ontario area and all over Ontario for over 15 years. Matthew brings with him expertise in First and Second Mortgages, First Time Home Buyers and other hard to place mortgages such as Self Employed, Commissioned, New To Canada, Purchases in Corporate name etc., providing the best possible rates, as well as money-generating and money-saving advice. He also has direct access to both institutional and private lenders of first and second mortgages for quick response and fast funding, helping you and your family get the right mortgage and terms for your needs. Contact Matthew Directly 416.908.2070 for Free No Obligation Consultation - Get Your Questions Answered. Contact Matthew today and put his commitment and experience to work helping you achieve your dream. 416-908-2070. You have MANY different Mortgage options to choose from…my commitment is to find you the best one!